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"Ish is one of the smartest digital marketers i know. I had the honor of speaking at some of his events and he always over delivers"
Manny Fernandez -  Angel Investor
"Joe is the best social media expert that I know when I started working with him two years ago!
He not only helped me grow on social media, he helped me scale my sales, content creation and has been my personal brand coach for the last 17 months, helping me position my brand as the top expert in the car industry"
Rudy Treminio "The $Billion GM"
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Sean Kelly
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It's not just that Joe is doing the work, but the energy Joe and his team bring to every call, every communication we have...the positivity, the creativity, the insight the guidance they've provided to help us grow our following organically, and to helping us up-level our social marketing and our content has been nothing short of amazing.

There have been a lot of unexpected added value components to our relationship - plus it's just a lot of fun to work with him and his team. His energy is amazing, the knowledge is there, I could not more wholeheartedly endorse this team - and a human being - more than I do Joe. It's been a whirlwind of amazingness!"
Jeff Lerner - 9 Figures CEO
"We are grateful for the digital marketing strategies Ish provided my team at Miko plastic surgery. He is highly recommended"
Michael K. Obeng MD
"Joe is a badass marketer. He's helped me and a group of other influencers to grow our Instagram accounts after meeting him just seven months prior. 

I had 37,000 followers that I got with hard and insane work in my account for two years; Now, a whole year later, I have over 600,000 engaged followers and I get over 100,000 views per video."
Tiby Camacho
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Funky Matas
Who's Hosting the Giveaway?
Meet Ish,
Founder, CEO
  • CEO and founder at Influencer Marketing Conference & Expo, 2019
  • Founder at E-commerce partners, 2020
  • Founder at DRE Academy (Digital Real Estate Academy), 2020
  • Investor /Advisor at Vezt, Spurse, Collabplug, Beacons, Hotmart, .CLUB domains, Viewstub & several more, 2017
Meet Joe,
Founder, CEO
  • IMPACT HEROES Agency where they produce daily content for 14m followers on the business niche, 2018
  • Growth Manager at ENTRE Institute, 2020
  • From Homeless to $7MM in Sales
  • He has clients growing up to 50k new followers a month virtually for FREE, 2017
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